About Food

At the beginning of 2008, I started looking more after my diet. It took me 30 years and giving birth to two children until I realized that the amounts of sweets and chocolates that I had every night were not doing any good to me. I felt lame in the morning, my appetite would not come until lunchtime, I'd eat healthy at lunchtime and dinner but would have another craving for food later at night which I again satisfied with chocolate and sweets.

I started looking for sugar alternatives, switched from refined grains to whole grains, refined flours to wholemeal flours. I started experimenting with spices. As a result, I started enjoying cooking from scratch. I got interested in ingredients and their nutritional values. Anything from the regular vegetable to the exotic spice I would examine.

In June 2009, in my never-ending search for new and exciting recipes, I came across Heidi Swanson's 101 cookbooks food blog which made a huge impression on me, with both the recipes and the food photography. I thought, I can do this too (or at least try): posting recipes, writing a little story to go along and take some pictures.

I welcome you into my little but ever expanding personal food journal and cookbook. Join me exploring new ways of healthy eating, "healthy" being based on mostly natural ingredients. I am an omnivore, but take special interest in exploring vegetarian, vegan and raw foods as I find them incredibly inventive and tasty.

This blog captures my learning curve towards a healthier lifestyle as I learn about good foods and new foods, I learn how to cook and I keep myself open to inspiration and knowledge. Over the years, my diet has become 100% free of refined sugars and refined flours. Many of my recent recipes are gluten and even grain free, as I feel that my overall well-being has improved without them.

I hope to pass on some passion on healthy eating with this blog, as most recipes are simple and quick to make and most ingredients are easily available. I eat to live, not live to eat. Bon appetit!

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