30 June, 2009

About Photography

I have been working in the photography business as a photo editor for more than 15 years . My job as an editor was the reason why I never felt inclined to take pictures myself. The fact that I was surrounded by really good photos all day long, discouraged me to try it myself as the results would most certainly be meager compared to the professional images I looked at every day.

However, by editing photos over such a long time, I got to know exactly what makes a good image with regards to lighting, composition, colors, etc. I need to mention that in all these years I never dealt with food photography. In fact, I once turned down  a job in a food image library as I thought it would be incredibly boring.

I use a Nikon D90 and a 60mm lens for most of my food photo. Very often I am not happy with the results, but I love to experiment with backgrounds, compositions and light. I see a development in my pictures, when comparing my first attempts and more recent shots.
I don't feel in the position to share my food photography experiences. Just one advice: NEVER SHOOT FOOD WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY! Most certainly it will end in disaster, with either bad images or no food to shoot.

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  1. thanks for the links! I've always considered myself a pretty good photogropher until I started shooting food! Lighting is by far my biggest challenge urrghhh!
    Your pic are so wonderful!

  2. @ Healthy Mamma
    I prefer shooting food, as it cannot run away (like my children). With food, styling and lighting are the key factors, I fond.
    with regards to lighting, I only go with daylight and avoid direct sunlight. I shoot most of my food outside in the garden, as windows provide proper lighting only from one side. Here in Dubai, we are blessed with good weather all year round, so my garden food photo shootings are easy. Just in summer, when the humidity is high, my lens keeps on fogging up. Not so nice :-)

  3. Hey Anja
    Found out about you when I joined Famished in Arabia's FB page. I never knew there were so many food bloggers in Dubai. Too bad I missed out on The National article! I love your pics by the way. Just a note of warning for shooting outside in the summer: it's not only your lens that is fogging up, but the humidity also effects the camera inside! Best advise I ever got was to place your camera in a sealed ziplock bag before you go outside. Once the camera has warmed up and is a similar temp to the temp outside it should be ok. I, however never shoot outside in the summer, since I cannnot imagine that 40deg C plus can be good for my camera! This is just my view, I'm sure there will be lots of people who will disagree.

  4. Hi Edwina,

    I checked your website and love it. Glad you joined FiA, will see you at the next meeting, and hopefully get lots of tips for better photography and camera handling. I am pretty oblivious to the latter.....

  5. Thanks for the links and inspiration to keep trying. I have been blogging for about two years now and the photography is my weak point.

  6. I have been teaching myself Photography through reading various links, plus reading what other bloggers have to say regarding their experiences. Thanks for sharing this Anja.

  7. I donot have any direct sunlight streaming in our kitchen or into our apartment. I do experiment a lot with lights (non-professional ones!). Any suggestions to achieve this clean but so appetizing look?

  8. True, it is always rewarding to look at the difference between your first and last pictures. I love yours, they're really nice, and so are your recipes. Keep up the good work !

  9. Your writing and pictures are captivating. Will you please provide some pointers in basic photography, as I am a novice? I had asked my husband to take the Nikon to last week's wedding where I was responsible for part of the cookie bar, he decided to use his small camera. The pictures were egregious.

    Thakn you.