Marathon Training Plan 2011/2012

Now here it is: My marathon training plan for my second marathon. It shall be the Dubai Marathon again, on 27 January 2012.
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I pulled out last year's training plan, which is a 12-week program. I went well with it, as I finished in just under 4 hours (read more about it here).  I am still pretty much a marathon novice, but straight away I can say, that I prefer 12-week to 16-week programs. The time and physical effort while juggling work, family, food blogging, etc. at the same time is hard enough for 12 weeks, let alone 16.

My training program is adapted from Runners World (check here). It gives me just two key workouts per week. The rest I can organize myself. That includes the weekly mileage, how many runs apart from those two, etc. I found this convenient and it promised to be efficient (and so it was last year). Once I set myself a goal time, everything else will be calculated accordingly. Here are my figures for the Dubai Marathon 2012:

Marathon Goal Time: 3h45 min

Tempo Pace (TP): 4:50 min per km
Marathon Pace (MP): 5:20 per km
Steady Long Run in Training: 5:52 per km/ 10.2 km per hour
Maximum Mileage per week for the training: 45 miles/72-73km
Overall Training Mileage: 720k

I am planning to give you weekly updates on how the training is going, how I feel physically and emotionally and will discuss any nutrition issues that might come up along the way.