26 January, 2012

Anja's Food 4 Thought Cookbook Giveaway

Hi there, this is a special post without a recipe. What? No recipes? How boring! What am I doing here then? I know, I know.... (or rather hope) that my recipes is what you come here for.

Today I've got something for you. A Giveaway. The first ever give-away on my blog. It's something special. Homemade and homecrafted.
I designed a cookbook with a selection of recipes that I posted on my blog over the past 2 1/2 years. There is no particular theme to it: it's neither vegan, nor gluten-free, nor sugar free. It's got a little bit of everything. The categories are
  • Breakfast
  • Bars & Squares
  • Sweet Quick Breads
  • Savory Snacks
  • Salads
  • Soups 
  • Quick Meals
  • Dinners
  • Desserts

I designed this book and printed a single copy of it. It was a dummy run, as I just wanted to see how, in my dream world, a cookbook of mine could look like. I learned a lot by designing it, and also was able to see the mistakes I made once I had the printed copy in my hands. It's far from being perfect, but it's a unique book.

I am giving away this one copy of Anja's Food 4 Thought Cookbook, worldwide.

But I want something in return. I thought it would be a nice change to the usual giveaways to NOT force you to like me on Facebook or to follow me on Twitter. Only if you really do like me or want to follow me, feel free to do the FB thing here or the Twitter thing here. But it will not increase your chances of winning this book.

Instead I think it will be fun to ask you some questions that I always wanted to ask my readers and do some field research about some ideas that I have about my blog. Are you in? I compiled 10 questions in a little questionnaire, that I ask you to answer. Here we go:
Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Entry Requirements for Giveaway:
Please leave a comment here on this post, once you are done with the questionnaire, by just saying so, or by whatever comes to your mind or whatever it is that you always wanted to tell me. I can take constructive criticism! In fact, I want it! Please leave a valid email address or ID where I can track you down.

Deadline: Wednesday, 1 February 2012, 11:59pm GMT + 4h (that's Dubai time)
I will select the winner by using Random.org. All entries received after the giveaway closing day and time will not be considered. Winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to confirm receipt of the email. If the winner does not reply within 48 hours, another winner will be selected. Giveaway will be mailed to the winner’s address.

Good luck to everyone!

I will publish the results of this little questionnaire afterwards, in case you are interested!


  1. Anja! i LOVE your recipes. They are SO tasty, one forgets that they often do not have traditional ingredients. I have been telling all of my friends and family about your blog so we can all enjoy them. Thanks for everything. I hope all is going well for you. Take care. friesenjodi@hotmail.com

  2. I really enjoy your blog and your recipes. Hope I'll be lucky enough to get the cookbook and try more of your creations!!

  3. hey!
    congrats on getting atleast ONE copy of the book done! its a lot of work and you got it dones. that's what matters!
    I filled the survey (not for the giveaway or anything) as I know how much 'feedback' means to us bloggers. :)
    Good luck!

  4. I hope I win the cookbook! I love your blog very much! rachelelwood@gmail.com - I also Liked you on Facebook.

  5. What a wonderful idea! I would be thrilled to own this cookbook and to use it to share your recipes with friends. What fun! It makes me want to make one of my own.

    A note on one of the questions in your survey; I get recipes from a lot of different sources but most often I get them from recipe sites online. The reason I like to do that is because they often have ratings, and people leave comments sharing their thoughts on the recipe and their variations and how they solved problems they ran into, etc. Nevertheless, I have a soft spot for cookbooks.

    Have a wonderful day!
    xo Sarah Elizabeth

  6. Jessie, postvoormij90@hotmail.com26 January 2012 at 19:41

    Hi Anja,

    My cousin just posted a comment here. I am the other (lucky) cousin who gets your breakfasts served every morning. We both love cooking and get so much inspiration out of your recipes! What I like the most is that we discovered how easy you can substitute sugar for things like dates and stuff and how many good and delicious things you can make with just some nuts and dried fruits. At the moment we are both writing our thesis and therefor we spend a lot of time in the library, but quite often we prepare one of your bars in the evening, so we have a healthy study snack to look forward to.

    Good luck with your blog and I hope soon you will print more cookbooks!



  7. Hi Anja,

    I love your site! How exciting to have a cookbook pulled together :) I could only hope to accomplish that someday! I completed the questionnaire, hope the info helps!


  8. Hi Anja,
    I love your blog! It is a great inspiration for me! Congrats on your book.
    Wish all the best and a lot great recepies in the future, too.

  9. Loved your apple cake recipe! Very excited that you have written a cookbook!

  10. Happy to answer any and all questions! Keep up with the cookbook project. One "dummy" copy is just the beginning for you, I have a feeling.

  11. I had fun with your questionnaire. I had to laugh at myself for having hundreds of cookbooks yet most of the recipes I actually make are from cooking blogs! kcannon@anwsu.org

  12. Hi Anja,

    It's so refreshing and comforting to know there's a blog I can come to for any kind of recipe and feel like I've made healthy choices all around :) Thank you for asking for reader feedback in your survey! Its nice to feel apart of this experience too!



  13. Love reading your posts and the recipes are so yummy; I share them with friends and family.


  14. always looking for healthy snacks and new food to make- love the site the photos and variety & simplicity of recipes. thanks for sharing

  15. Awesome! I've been following your blog for a while now, but I haven't actually tried any of the recipes yet (I've been a bit busy and I only have access to kitchen during the weekends). They wound great, though. What I like the most is that they are healthy, usually naturally sweetened (I prefer recipes with fruit instead of sweeteners) and with simple ingredients.

    (wakingdream -at- gmx.com)

  16. I love your blog. I have browsed so many and stumbled upon this one on Pinterest. The variety is amazing and the simplicity of the design is beautiful. Keep the good work and it's also nice that you don't blab on like some blogs who seem to have way too much time on their hands. Btw I also filled out the questionnaire :)

  17. p.s. forgot to say that you can "track me down" at sallyot@hotmail.com and that I live in Dubai so would be happy to help with any taste-testings that might come with making a cookbook!!! Also forgot to say that I'm particularly interested in any vegetarian savoury recipes that you can come up! Thanks again - (my other post is the anonymous one directly above - i'm not technologically minded so wasn't sure how not to be anonymous!).

  18. Hi Anja,
    I love your page, especially those granola bars recipes!

  19. Hi Anja,

    Congrats on getting a book together! I love your blog because it's so down to earth, and healthy without being too healthy!


  20. Love your blog and can't wait to try making some of your recipes...(like that carrot cake yesterday...YUM!). I like your survey idea too! : )

  21. Just finished taking the survey!

  22. Hi, I've completed your survey. Good luck on the marathon!

  23. just completed your survey :)


  24. Hi Anja,

    Just made your carrot coconut loaf yesterday and we loved it! In fact, we love all of the recipes that we've tried from your site. We look forward to your posts! I've completed the survey and would love to win the cookbook.

    Best regards,

  25. Hi Anja,

    Your recipes have sparked frenzies of cooking because you always have the most original ways of making things healthy and your photos are so pretty. Please check out my own food blog (where I've made some of your recipes) if you like at http://fictionsfactsfractiousness.blogspot.com/ My email is saguna_9@hotmail.com

  26. Did your survey.

    Alicia Keen

  27. Hi Anja, i Love your Blog! My sister lives in Dubai, but she doesn't really care about cooking, or whole Food...so if i'm Looking for an arabic Recipe, i Check your recipes....thx for that...and for the variety. I don't have any dietic concern, but i live Sugar Free and "play" with all the Other diets...so your recipes are a Good inspiration! Greetings from Germany, michiko

  28. Hello, Just wanted to say thanks for the survey and for your recent posts. I was directed to your blog via "The Healthy Foodie," and I am looking forward to trying out your carrot coconut breakfast loaf later on. Thanks for being a healthy inspiration. sdoow.m.n@gmail.com

  29. Great initiative Anja, always loved your blog and always will. Your recipes and blog as a whole is just an inspiration as to what you can do with the simplest and create the greatest. I really really would love to have your cookbook!!!!! I adore your cooking and eating philosophy. I've always wanted to write my own cookbook too, I might just follow in your footsteps! :)
    I just did your survey too. Track me down! I'd love to hear from you!!!!

  30. I took your survey...I am a geek--I love surveys :-)


  31. That questionnaire was fun. Cool that it was embedded like that. I'd love to see your cookbook; from the looks of your recipes I bet it's great!

  32. I have recently discovered your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. I took your survey and would love to win your give away! Thanks ashleyandabagail@gmail.com

  33. Hi Anja! I took the survey! my email is natalieso111[at]gmail[dot]com

  34. I stumbled across your blog searching for a healthy birthday cake for my 1 year old and have found all sorts of great recipes I'd love to try. Have bookmarked the address ready for lots of cooking fun. Thank you.

  35. Love your blog! Took the survey :) Have made many of your recipes, and each one I love more than the next. Thanks so much!


  36. I love your recipes! Being a type 1 diabetic, it's so easy to find both simple and healthy recipes on your site that don't have a ton of carbs, or ones that can be easily adapted to fit my diet. Thank you for all your posts - I enjoy reading, and unfortunately have no constructive criticism for you (sorry)!


  37. Hi, just completed your survey, hope it helps! I am working my way through your recipes - far too many to cook, thank you for your fantastic blog!

  38. Your recipes are an inspiration! Love your food, and always enjoy your insight into healthier ways of doing things. Thanks!


  39. starting to cook your recipes one at a time. I was joking with my husband that I should do a supplement blog called cooking through food blogs one recipe at a time. Yours being my fave! Awisiowska [at] gmail [dot] com

  40. Great idea Anja - love how you have broken the mould. It goes to show that received wisdom is not always right! If this dummy run is anything to go by, your own cook book will be coming along really soon. It looks gorgeous.

  41. That's so neat that you made a book with your very own recipes! I completed and submitted the questionnaire.

    sarahepardee at gmail dot com

  42. I really admire how creative you've been with this blog...and now the cookbook! Your recipe ingenuity is brilliant, and the results show on you as a person :)

  43. I love your recipes Anja... and it will make me very proud to have your cookbook on my shelf. Always wanted to tell you - you are an inspiration, love your consistency and commitment to healthy eating :)

  44. I really enjoyed the questionnaire..and so much liked your idea of giveaway without compulsory conditions of being your followers in one way or other...though I am already following you in fb & twitter. Always like your healthy recipes, have bookmarked a few to try out soon.

  45. Well done on your first copy of your cookbook! Hopefully you'll get more printed out for real!

    I liked the idea of the questionnaire and the fact that the questions were very well thought of!

    Submitted the questionnaire.

  46. Thank You Anja, Survey done. Love your recipes, the fact that most of them dont require time is one of the best features with healthyness.

  47. You know I love your blog and you already know how much I love your book:) I love your healthy outlook on life and I especially love how you are uncompromisingly honest...

  48. This was a different giveaway and one I could partake of being Norwegian. Good job with your site. It´s always fun to see how you´ve twisted some "not-so-healthy" stuff into a perfectly healthy and delicious recipe! I´m looking forward to having a bit more freetime and being able to experiment more with food from this and other sites!


  49. I really like your blog! Keep up the good work! Greetings form Greece, mtzef@hotmail.com

  50. Cogratulations on your book! Can't wait to see it. It would be the perfect solution for me, because i then would be able to finish you superdelicious recipes, even when my internet is down (again!) Lots of love from The Netherlands, Nina

  51. i took the quiz and i commend you for not doing the "like me on this, that, and the other." instead you are listening to your readers and i think that is really cool. i love your blog, the pictures, the healthy aspects, and the creativeness.

    my email is amandapaa@hotmail.com

  52. This is like the BEST giveaway EVER! You only made ONE copy of this cookbook and you are giving it away?!?!? I can't believe this. This is not a cookbook you are offering, this is a priceless treasure. It's a thing of beauty, really.

    AND, in order to enter this giveaway, you ask that I fill a questionnaire? Heck, I should be giving YOU something to do that! This was so much fun. I wish all giveaways were as cool as yours, Anja.

    On a totally different note, I'm thinking about you today. Hope your marathon goes super well. Can't wait to hear the results. I trust that you will do fantastic. :o)

  53. Hi Anja,

    I absolutely love your blog and beautiful photography! Your healthy recipes are divine as are you!

  54. I enjoyed the questionnaire, especially that dessert was a meal option! I only wish it were so. Your blog is new to me and I am enjoying it!

  55. Hi Anja! Love your blog and would LOVE to get your cookbook- you should publish it!!

    Great luck in the marathon! Enjoy the finish!


  56. I love your site and look forward to your emails. Thank you for the recipes...my family has enjoyed your talents!

    Blessings to you,

  57. I recently discovered you and am really enjoying your blog! I answered the questionnaire. Thanks for all that you do! my email is thakrarr@gmail.com

  58. I completed the survey :) Good luck on your marathon. I can't believe how fast you are! It's awesome and encouraging. I love your blog -- simple and healthy cooking. Thanks!


  59. I just discovered your blog from another FB post, and I love it! I can't wait to try some of your recipes :)

    Thanks, Amity

  60. I also just found your blog through FB. I tried two or your recipes this morning and LOVED them! Thanks so much!

  61. I completed the survey, Anja.

    What a wonderful idea! I don't have enough recipes on the blog yet, but I'd like to see my own book someday too. You are an inspiration.

  62. I've been looking at your blog for over a year now! In fact, it was one of the first food blogs I really followed & turned me onto food blogging. You had me at granola. I found it while browsing granola recipes to make for a group of friends who were going on a week long bike trip. I love that you made a survey for your giveaway! And honestly, it was fun taking it :) And I agree with everyone else, I hope you publish your cookbook!


  63. i absolutely love your blog. too many other healthy recipes call for weird ingredients that are hard to track down or expensive. but you always know what the readers have or are able to get/afford. so basically, i love all your recipes and your blog in general. and so far, the recipes i have made of yours have been a hit. thanks!


  64. Hello! I've completed the survey and I found you through another blog. I've printed several recipes over the past few months that are on my list to try.

    Thank you!



  65. I love this site! As a health-conscious vegan it is hard to find delicious healthy recipes that suit my diet. Anja has created a one-stop site for me whenever I need a recipe. I used to spend hours searching the internet for decent recipes, and now I just come here. All that time saved away from the computer can be put into the kitchen!!


  66. Thank you for the giveaway! It's an excellent idea! :)


  67. Just did the survey! What a cool idea. I get kinda annoyed when people force you to like them on Facebook. What if I just want to win whatever it is they're giving away and don't really like their blog :) I really love your blog, though, and already like you on Facebook so in this case it wouldn't have been a problem.

  68. I recently discovered your site through a friend in the medical profession, but I fell in love IMMEDIATELY! Probably the best of the ones I've seen.


  69. Hi Anja,

    it doesn't matter if it's one copy or 500, it's the work you put into it!
    I love your breakfast and granola bar recipes! Your blog is always an inspiration for me especially beause i'm also a runner ;-)...
    You're doing a great job!


  70. I love your food blog because of its simplicity and wonderful flavor combo's and the variety of tasty receipes,I really love your receipes and count on them, and my 3 kids LOVE the roasted chickpea and so do I, thanks anja xsonja

  71. I LOVE YOUR FOOD. The way you throw some recipes together, along with background information and some interesting facts makes your blog a ton of fun to read! Thank you for all of the tasty food. - Travis

  72. did the survey.
    i have seen many recipes on your site that appeal to me but i'm sorry to say i haven't tried any yet. in part because they do tend - especially the gluten-free ones - to have an ingredient or two that i do not have in my kitcen. winning the cookbook would certainly inspire me to gry some ....

    jacquieastemborski AT comcast DOT net

  73. First time on your blog through Sally's link CDWM Dubai..and so excited to see this giveaway! Your blog shall be frequented more after this, definitely, you have a great variety of healthy recipes..and if you ever publish the cookbook, count me in as the first customer!

  74. done the survey, and I want your cookbook!

  75. Done with the survey. Looking forward to see a published copy of your cookbook. Email AbigailCaidoy at gmail dot com

  76. I LOVE a good "healthy" cook book...!! c-k-lloyd@hotmail.co.uk :)

  77. I always wanted to thank you for the interesting way you use your ingredients. It isn't so much that you have unique ingredients, but that you put them to use in ways I would not normally think of doing. So much of your raw sweet recipes are about utilising the properties of each ingredient rather than just including an ingredient for taste purposes alone. -Yasmin (yasmina_z@hotmail.com)

  78. thanks Anja for your awesome food blog, I just completed the survey..I've been following you for a while now and would love to try more of your recipes! I have done a few now of your muffins and they always taste great.. sometimes I tweak them and put my own spin on it, or use alternatives, but you are very creative and inspiring.. I put a girlfriend onto your site and she loves it also for the healthy recipe ideas that she can give her kids and herself. Thank you!

  79. Cool competition ... filled in the survey hopefully I get the book. We need one her in Cairo!

  80. Done with the survey! I'm training for my first ultra-marathon and get so inspired by you and your food! :)

  81. Fun idea! How neat to give away your one cookbook! Liked the survey...hope it's helpful!


  82. Hi Anja!

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw you are giving away a recipe book! Luckily its healthy because I've been making your recipies!

    As an athlete and health food lover, your recipies have really been a huge contribution in my kitchen! Me, and my fellow athletes whom I cook for, want to thank you for assisting us in getting one step closer to our goals!

    I am a HUGE fan of your (perfectly proportioned) granola recipies, but my goal is to make 4 of your recipies (or meals inspired by them) a week :)

    Rochelle (rochelle.vc@gmail.com)

  83. I've been a big fan of your blog for some time now. I have yet to make something for your website that isn't amazing. Keep the healthy, delicious recipes coming!


  84. I love the majority of your recipes and the pursuit of whole, real foods. I would be interested in more dessert recipes that aren't quite as heavy in the nuts/fats (even if they are healthy fats). That's all! Thanks so much for all your ideas!


  85. I just discovered your website about 1 month ago. I really like it. I signed up for emails and have already made several of your delicious recipes. I'm especially interested in vegetarian and vegan, also "re-creating" some formerly favorite meat dishes in a vegetarian or vegan version.
    Sigi (dswolborsky@hotmail.com)

  86. Just finished the questionnaire! I would love your book in my collection :)

  87. Love your blog! Heaps of inspiring and healthy recipes! Keep up the good work!

  88. love your site!

  89. I enjoy reading your blog since I am a runner and someone who loves to cook, too.


  90. I recently found your website. Although all the recipes look amazing most seem to complicated to me. If you had a section for simple, SIMPLE recipes it would be greatly appreciated. Besides that I think the design, and content are great!

    swiperkid [dot] com

  91. I just discovered your blog through FoodBuzz, and I'm hooked! Thanks!

  92. Very cool giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win a free copy. Took the questionnaire...interested to see the responses in the end. (rachieraeATgmailDOTcom)

  93. Truly admire your take on nutritious AND delicious eating, as well as your dedication to marathon training. You're inspiring!

  94. love the whole concept, fit, healthy, honest food. thanks.

  95. I love your blog because of the recipes in it. It's nutritious, it's yummy, it's delicious, and most importantly, they are made with whole foods.


  96. The questionnaire was fun! - flickitt@hotmail.com

  97. Super-duper recipes. I look forward to your blogs. nimetyusuf@yahoo.com

  98. I finished the questionnaire. Thank you for your amazing blog, I've tried many recipes and loved all of them. :) Keep up the good work! xo

  99. haven't actually tried a single recipe of yours yet (too many recipes too little time......) but do love your blog & have bookmarked quite a few so hopefully the book will be mine :)

  100. I just finished the questionnaire. I found you through pinterest and have pinned several of your recipes. Can't wait to try them!

  101. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Your blog is one of the few that i have found to use genuinely healthy and readily available ingredients. i've made a couple of your recipes, and they are fabulous. everything is so yummy and presented beautifully xx

    my email: eckfc001@wsgfl.org.uk

  102. maybe for any of us that don't win you will allow us to load and print to make our own copy if you still have the lay out. i know it was a lot of work to get it all together. would love to just be able to print it out and bind it.

  103. Thanks so much for the variety in foods and combinations!

  104. Just finished the questionnaire:) thanks for posting such great recipes, love your photography as well!

  105. I did the questionary yesterday, but forgot to leave a message about it:) :) I love your recipes:) Discovered this blog a couple of days ago:)

  106. Hi
    I suscribed to your blog via email long ago because I didn't want to lose track of all your recipes.I special look forward to making more wheat and gluten free recipes. I also love love the pictures you put up and the simplicity that your blog portrays.I studied in Dubai and was brought up there, now i live in mangalore. nice to see a blog from dubai. my id is praseena@gmail.com incase I get to stand a chance for your lovely book :)))))

  107. just filled out the questionnaire! made the breakfast oatmeal bars this morning---found you via pinterest :)
    going to be coming back here ALOT since we as a family have totally revamped the way we eat--and i am on the hunt for tasty and healthy recipes!
    thank you!

  108. Love your site, Anya -- it's my first stop whenever I'm looking for a new recipe to try. I switched to eating whole foods a year ago, and it's such a gift to have a site dedicated to my new, healthy lifestyle. Thanks for everything!!!


  109. Thank you for producing this site! We also follow your running info!

  110. Greetings, Anya!
    I just discovered your blog today (and completed the questionaire!), and needless to say I have been perusing for hours. I can't wait to try so many of your recipes... I don't even know where to begin!


  111. This sounds like the future for healthy eating and still enjoying. I will start today. I go shopping the ingredients for vegan cheesecake. Thank you,

  112. Hi Anya,

    I made your choc orange granola bars and your spice flax seed balls to eat before and after hitting the gym. They are the perfect workout snack. Its great to find a blog that combines great wholefood vegetarian recipes and running/training.

    Many Thanks

  113. I have really enjoyed the recipes on your website and have found great pleasure in finding healthy sweet treats to share with my friends and family!!! I would like to know if you are a person who prefers sweet or savory fare for breakfast, and what are your favorite ways to incorporate vegetables into breakfast?

    sweetsunshine13 at hotmail dot com

  114. Hi Anja,

    I found your blog on tastespotting last year and continue to check on it from time to time! I like how innovative your recipes are- my family loved the chocolate-oat-date cookies, and I love the various muffins I've tried. It's inspirational to see you use such different ingredients (well that aren't as common for me to use) and combinations I wouldn't have thought of myself! It makes me try my own variations... Great work.


  115. Love your recipes and your healthier approach.
    Can't wait to try them all!




  116. Filled out the survey. Big fan. You've tripled my spice cabinet and made me love cooking!


  117. Love the website! Love that you really live by what you preach and apply it to your everyday living and life style. Keep up the good work and good luck with your running.


  118. Just completed the survey. Found you through Pinterest. Great looking recipes. Can't wait to try many of them :)


  119. It is really nice for me to see you and your great hard work again.Every piece of your work look excellent.Looking forward to learning more from you!
    Very interesting post. I really enjoyed reading it.
    Make Your Own Survey

  120. Congratulations on your cookbook! I really like that it's not limited to a certain diet like gluten-free, vegan, etc as people can reference it based on how they're feeling and what their bodies need. Good luck with all your adventures!


  121. just filled out your questionnaire. It was my first time on this site, I was attacted by the fact you have my sister's name! My sincere congratulations on an elegantly presented website that reflects the concepts you obviously wish to encompass into your cooking. And a very inspirational idea to create your own cook book :)
    I look forward to delving through the multitude of mouth-watering recipe pages you offer up hehe!

    Warm Regards,


  122. waiting for my kitchen remodel to be completed so I can make some more of you fabulous recipes.
    Thanks for sharing


  123. Hey Anja,

    A friend linked me to your blog after I sent out a plea for baking without refined sweeteners, and I'm delighted she did. I love that your blog focuses on whole and less-refined ingredients. Congrats on getting a cookbook together, and best of luck for the future. I'm super excited to try out wholesome breakfast ideas.


  124. Hi Anja,

    Congratulations on completing another marathon and cookbook! As a runner, I always enjoy reading your blog and try your healthy sweets recipes. I am baking your banana molasses granola bars right now and it's in the oven! Can't wait to try :)

    Thank you for sharing your great recipes and inspiration.... I ran a half marathon for the first time last October and I've registered myself to run a marathon in Oct 2012.

    Arigato :)


  125. I'm a full time stalker of yours and i truly think that you should really try to publish a cookbook of yours so that more people over the world would get to know your recipes and live a few years longer :)

    Continue working hard!

    jue ying.


  126. Hey Anja,
    I just discovered your blog about a month ago and I bookmarked it right away! I love all the healthy variations of classic recipes you offer and the fact that you include background information about certain ingredients. I have already cooked several recipes and am looking forward to trying out more, so keep them coming!
    ~ Emily

  127. Hi Anja,

    You should definitely get a publishing deal one day soon. Thankyou for all the brilliant recipes!


  128. Congratulations on the book Anja; I would love to have a copy of it, but I am not particularly in for the competition.
    I think your blog is lovely and your recipes are clean, simple and healthy! what more could anyone ask for :)
    keep on going!

  129. Looking forward to the release of an official cookbook from you! Greetings from the Netherlands.

  130. I really love your posts and recipies Anja! That story about your grandfather really touched me - it's true, we can all be perfect nutritionists but at the end of the day it's all about living your life to best way you can! I can't wait to play with your granola bar recipies (they're next on my list)... Great job, I can't wait to show off my lasted culinary creations to my friends and family!

    Thank you for an awesome website!


  131. Jo
    Hi my 14 year old cousin sent me the link to your website. She uses your recipes all the time! I cant wait to start! joplink@hotmail.com

  132. I am looking forward to the release of an official cookbook too. I just stumbled upon your site but I love everything I see, especially the salads. I love the variety you have. I took your survey and am crossing my fingers. ;) auna01@gmail.com.

  133. Would love to try out your cookbook and tell others about it!



  134. Completed the survey. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.

  135. I had trouble getting the boxes to tick in your survey but wrote answers where I could - I hope this helps!

    I love the fact that you produce recipes that are so simple and healthy - I've been looking for something like this for ages so THANK YOU and keep up the great site


  136. just took the survey. :)

    i found this blog through foodgawker but I LOVE the variety of granola bars and healthy grain recipes! I am spending a semester in France so I can't actually make any but they look very doable for a college student on the run :)


  137. Hello!

    I really enjoy that you make whole food reciepes without any 'weird' ingredients - just stuff that happens to be around the house. I have a love for dates now, and an understanding of how versitile they are. Thanks!

    michelle.trommelen @ gmail dot com

  138. where can i buy your cookbook online? I am from Australia. Thanks. Love your recipes

  139. Colette,
    this book is not available, I just made one, just for fun. But all recipes can be found here on my blog.

  140. Hey Anja, too bad. Hard copies work better for our mums who are not so techno-savvy or prefer the more traditional method of searching and trying out recipes. Please do consider printing more.

    I just want to add that it has not been 24 hours since i discovered your blog and i am already a die-hard fan. Ever since i discovered my numerous intolerances, i have been very depressed and frustrated. Your blog has made me start see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you!

  141. Hi Maha,
    thanks for your comment. I hope many more recipes will follow here that suit your dietary needs.
    The printed book is a constant thought on my mind, but the process of thinking up, writing, photographing and finding ways of publishing and marketing it is not quite complete.