Favorite Winter Recipes 2010/11

Winter foods are comfort foods to me: warming, rich, full of strong flavors. Here is my personal Winter Top 10 in alphabetical order:

Almond Molasses Biscotti: Nuts are my favorite winter fruit. Combined with the strong flavor of molasses, these crispy biscotti are one of my favorite cookies.

Boiled Egg Curry: If you like warming foods, you will like this. A meatless curry with lots of flavorful spices, but still on the light side.

Chicken Soup with Custard Royale: Got flu? Can't get rid of a cold? Chicken soup is supposed to help. This one is an old recipe from the region in Germany I come from. It's good even when you are perfectly healthy.

 Chili Con Carne:  I love this chili con carne for the meat that's in there, but also for the loads of veggies. A regular dish on our dinner table.

Leek Bacon Whole Wheat Tart: I love savory tarts and my husband loves leek. This one makes everyone happy.

Low Fat Orange Molasses Granola: Orange and molasses are typical winter flavors to me. Refreshing and strong, they flavor this homemade granola to kick-start your day.

Roasted Chestnuts: Low in fat, full of proteins, and the smell of them roasting in the oven, has got the whole family addicted to them.

Sesame Seaweed Bars: Good winter foods tend to be denser in nutrients: this one is full them: sesame and sunflower seeds and seaweed held together with maple syrup. Delicious and nutritious.

Snowball Cookies: Winter is all about Christmas. What would this list be without some scrumptious cookies! I'd make these if needed to bribe my husband into something.

Tomato and Red Lentil Soup: this soup is amazing: one of my all time favorites, spicy yet light, with a mild coconut hint in it. Perfect for the coldest winter nights.