Personal Best Running Times

5min 35sec (Abras Tracks, Dubai, May 2013)

The second time I ran a 1500m race, and I beat my previous PB by 11 seconds. Still not quite happy with the time. I thought I could go under 5:30. My speed is still not good enough for short races like this one. The weather was horrible though, very hot. 50m into the race my throat was very dry. It felt like someone was strangling me.

3000m: 11min 35sec (Abras Tracks, Dubai, May 2013)

Only once per year I get to run 3000m on a track. This was my second time and I improved my PB by a minute. 

5k: 19min 47sec (Autodrome 5k, Dubai, 11 December 2014)
My previous PB over 5k of 20:01 was a serious thorn in my eye. I so badly wanted to get under 20min, it's one of those big barriers. As speed doesn't come easy to me (as opposed to endurance), I wasn't sure if I'd make it this time: the same hilly course but with very good weather conditions. On the last 150m I refused to look at my Garmin to see if I would make under 20min, to spare myself a possible disappointment. So finishing well under 20min made my day. That barrier is broken. Now on to sub 40min for 10k.

10k: 40min 41sec (Abras 10k, Dubai, 03 January 2014)

Ideal conditions, 15 degrees, no wind and just 4 weeks to go to the Dubai marathon! The training has obviously kicked in. Shorter distances are just a breeze. This was one of a few races where I didn't check my Garmin all the time. I ran by feel, at a pace as fast as I thought I could sustain over 10k. It worked well, a PB by 40 seconds.

10 miles: 1h 20min 02sec (Donut 10 Dubai, 16 November 2010)
10 miles are not exactly my favorite distance. I rather do 10k or a Half Marathon. This one was particularly difficult as the course was hilly (something I am not used to at all) and I ran it with a stiff neck and couldn't see what was happening behind me. I think there are people that are still happy that they overtook me on the last meters before the finish. Nevertheless my best time over 10 miles. Probably because I was already training hard for the full marathon.

Half Marathon: 1h 30min 30sec (Challenge Bahrain , 6 December 2014)

A PB by 10 seconds. Completely unexpected, as this half marathon was part of a relay team triathlon. After my teammates swam 1.9k and cycled 90k, I got to run around lunchtime, with temperatures rising and the sun beating down on us. I thought a time under 1:35 would be realistic. As we were competing with all the individual triathletes, I had a clear advantage with my fresh legs. Thoroughly enjoyed overtaking people for 21 straight kilometers. I had no clue I would get that close to 1:30.

Full Marathon: 3h 15min 37sec
(Dubai, 24 January 2014)

First prize for the Dubai Marathon was a 3:10 time. If that wouldn't happen, I thought I could at least do a sub 3:15 time after running 3:18 in Berlin just 4 months earlier. An ambitious goal nevertheless. This marathon was my toughest with being in pain from 10k onwards, and having thoughts of giving up between 20 and 30k. Many other runners seemed to be struggling. I still haven't quite figured out why as the weather wasn't too bad for Dubai standards. I didn't meet my goals but got a PB. A PB is faster than ever before. That can't be a walk int he park, can it?!

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